Join the Printed Tote Bag Movement

Join the Printed Tote Bag Movement

The popularity of the humble cotton tote has been on a steady increase since 2007 when designer Anya Hindmarch teamed up with Sainbury’s in a bid to encourage a more eco friendly approach to carrier bag use. Her canvas ‘I am not a plastic bag’ tote sold out within an hour. The amount of people who actually used their purchase to lug home their weekly shopping is probably close to none (they still retail on Ebay for around £100) but they were instrumental in fuelling the tote movement.

Tote Bags
The beauty of totes is that they’re accessible to everyone. Screen printed bags at London Fashion week and being worn by Jessica Alba and Sarah Jessica Parker.


It’s not difficult to see why they’ve become so popular, particularly in recessionary times. Affordable, conscious and democratic they represent one of those rare times in fashion history where you can rock the same accessory as your favourite celebrity whilst spending next to nothing.


Tote Bags Screen Printed at 3rd Rail
Some of the tote bags we’ve recently screen printed here at 3rd Rail including a process shot on the left.


Synonymous to a wearable social media post it communicates an opinion, brand allegiance or that invite only launch event you attended last night with all the free cocktails. Not only that but it’s also practical; gym kit, shopping spree, laptop? Miraculously it all fits, and they’re perfect advertising real estate without being a tacky tube ad.


Blank tote bags for Screen printing
Some of the blank tote bag styles that can be used for screen printing.


Here at 3rd Rail we’ve had the pleasure of printing bags for some pretty cool people and brands including Skull and Heart, Malarko and The Guardian. Though the word ‘tote’ conjures up your average canvas shopper there are actually a whole host of blank options on the market which we can help you source from hardwearing jute bags to heavy weight pocketed canvas styles all available in a variety of colours. In terms of adding another piece into an existing collection they’re a no brainer especially with the introduction of the 5p carrier bag charge. With the Christmas season looming they’re a great way of including a lower priced item in your shop or market stand.


Bag Offer Banner
We’re currently running this offer for printed tote bags until the end of November.


During the month of November we’ve been offering a discount on all screen printed tote bag orders. If you’re feeling inspired there’s still time to take advantage of this, just drop an email through to for more information or to request a quote.

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