The origins of 3rd Rail Limited began over 20 years ago when we started printing garments for our own streetwear label. Since then we have been guiding and producing the highest quality print and garment services for other brands. Having been in the same position as our customers, we understand the expectations and what it takes to achieve retail quality production and the finish and services that are required for a modern brand.

With this ethos, today 3rd Rail is staffed by a collection of printers, creatives and forward thinking professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality garment customisation services for other brands like yours. We deliver a wide range of garment decoration and print services including screen printing, DTG, embroidery, re-labelling, packaging amongst many other customisations and finishing services. Get in touch to discuss your project.


As you are probably aware by now, garment printing is our bread and butter. The company was founded around it’s expertise in printing t-shirts and garments for fashion labels, brands and other clients wanting high quality merch. We provide a full garment customisation service of the highest quality.


3rd Rail Live is our product customisation division. We provide brand engagement activations, on-site print on demand and live workshops with a multitude of print techniques and technologies to suit your needs. We can visit your event, festival, store or brand launch with out live print set up.


As well as textile we also screen print art prints for clients including bands, illustrators and artists. We can print anything from wedding invitations to worldwide band tour art print editions.


3rd Rail Print Space is a 2000 sqft open access screen printing facility combining paper, t-shirt and fabric printing located in Bermondsey, London. We offer workspace, facilities and educational workshops for screen printing.


Our sister brand Print Social empowers creators to sell their own garment designs in a sustainable way while also raising money for themselves as well charitable endeavours, with out any of the usual costs, risk or hassle of buying and selling garments. Our online platform coupled with out production and fulfilment divisions means all the creators needs to do is promote their work and we take care of the rest.


Making print and garment production more sustainable has become one of our main aims at 3rd Rail. We promote and print mainly on organic or responsibly sourced garments. We also regularly use water based inks and are under application to become a GOTS certified company, which standard for Global Organic Textile Standards.

water based inks


For more information about our services or to request a quote please send us a message.