This process involves old branded labels being professionally removed and replaced with your own personalised version. They can be woven or printed, stitched into the neckline or looped over them hem. You’re welcome to provide your own labels however we also work with a range of suppliers should you require us to source them for you.



There are several styles in which a label can be attached to the garment. Suitability is determined by the information included as well as the branding.

label v2


TAG REMOVAL. Not ready to take the leap into custom labels? Have branded tags removed and replaced with these basic ones.


SCREEN PRINT. Sometimes cheaper than neck labels this is a great way to get branding, sizing and care information onto your garment.


INSIDE NECK LABELS. The most popular choice these usually come as woven labels. See above for the various style options available.


PATCHES. Woven, embroidered, leather, rubber and screen printed. We can source and attach them for you on to garments and accessories. 


HEM // SLEEVE. Usually either woven, leather or screen printed they’re a more subtle option if patches are too invasive.


SWING TAGS. The icing on the cake. We can source them for you or provide your own and we’ll attach them to your garments.




At 3rd Rail we’re dedicated to providing a complete garment printing service. We know presentation makes all the difference when selling products so we made sure our packaging solutions were not only useful because they protect clothing during shipping and transportation but also customisable. Packaging is an excellent way of re-affirming your brand identity and putting a unique stamp on your range.


FOLDING AND BAGGING. A professional folding and polybagging service. We’ll also attach sizing stickers to help you identify the garments. We can also print SKU stickers to help with your inventory needs. 


PRINTED BOXES. Our most economical box option made from single ply corrugated board and available in kraft and white. We are able to provide single colour screen printing on these.


CUSTOM BOX. You are welcome to source your own custom box for us to screen print whether it’s used for garment packaging or other purposes.



A great addition if you’re just getting started and need some unique marketing material or behind the scenes photos of your products being screen printed. Different options are available to suit every budget. To request a production package please contact your sales representative or send an email to sales@3rdrailclothing.co.uk.


STANDARD PRODUCTION PACKAGE. This service will provide you with a selection of high-res process photos as well as a time-lapse video of your order being printed.


DELUXE PRODUCTION PACKAGE. You’ll receive a selection of high-res process photos and a 30 second edited video of your order being printed including branded opening credits. 



PRODUCT PHOTOS. A selection of professional retail quality product photos perfect for web store and catalogues. Choose from a variety of styles and finishes. 


LOOK BOOK. A professional 2 hour photoshoot available at a range of locations. Models can be arranged at an additional cost or you can bring your own.




Artworking is possibly the most important part of the print process as it’s the translation of your design into print format. If you’re not familiar enough with photoshop to create colour separations we can provide an artworking service for £15 per half hour, we will just need your design to be high-res and the correct size.

If you do your own screen printing you’ll know how important high quality positives and pre-press preparation is to the final print. We use our expertise in the field to provide a high end film positive printing service. Our films are produced using state of the art large format inkjet and RIP technologies to deliver results with 100% blacks, great quality halftones (variants available), and perfect registration. Turn around is fast and the costs low compared to traditional reprographics services and we can also provide colour separations and CMYK splits. Click the button below to purchase films.



For more information about our services or to request a quote please send us a message.

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