Transfer printing is a broad term used to describe anytechnique where the design is first printed on a non-textile surface so it can later be transferred onto a different one – hence the word ‘transfer.’ Most transfers are done with a kind of vinyl which is later sealed onto the T-shirt using a commercial heat press.

Great for Personalisation
Due to its quick process and setup, this technique is perfect for personalising the same garment numerous times with different designs. For example, the designs of sports teams. These need the same type of T-shirt printed several times but with different numbers and name for each of the players.


PLASTISOL. Similar to a screen print we are able to print your design on to a special transfer paper and then can heat press your design on to your selected garment. 

This is a good method if you’re looking to print on difficult to manoeuvre locations such as front of caps or inside necks of t-shirts. 

CAD CUT/ HTV. Reflective. Fluorescent. Velvet. Take your pic with our Computer Aided Design heat transfer vinyl option. We convert your design in to an outline on Illustrator. 

From this we run the design through our vinyl plotter to reveal the shapes of your design. After some time spent weeding we then use the commercial heat press to seal your design to the garment. 

FOIL. There are two options for foiling. As explained on our screen printing page you can screen print a layer of glue and then heat press foil on top of this to seal the design. 

The second method is to add adhesive foil which we are able to use the same method as CAD cut vinyl. 


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