At 3rd Rail Limited, we supply an exceptional t-shirt collection sourced from top-tier brands renowned for quality and sustainability. Our range includes offerings from esteemed labels such as Stanley Stella, AS Colour, Continental Clothing, and Gildan to name a few. Each brand represents a commitment to top quality production practices along with organic materials, ensuring that your t-shirt choices align with your values. Whether you prefer the modern simplicity of AS Colour, the eco-friendly ethos of Continental Clothing, or the premium comfort of Bella and Canvas, our diverse selection guarantees options that cater to every style preference and sustainability standard.

Stanley Stella t-shirts worn by diverse group, ideal for custom t-shirt printing, showcasing quality, sustainability, and style.

Stanley Stella t-shirts epitomize style and sustainability. Crafted with organic cotton and eco-friendly materials, they offer unparalleled comfort and ethical production. Known for their modern designs and impeccable quality, Stanley Stella t-shirts are the perfect choice for those who value both fashion and environmental consciousness in their wardrobe staples.

AS Colour t-shirts, suitable for printing, worn by diverse group, showcasing versatility and quality.

AS Colour t-shirts embody simplicity and sophistication. Renowned for their clean lines and minimalist designs, AS Colour offers timeless classics crafted from premium quality materials. With a commitment to ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices, AS Colour t-shirts are a staple choice for those seeking both style and conscience in their apparel.

Stanley Stella t-shirts, eco-friendly and customizable, worn by diverse group, promoting sustainable fashion.

Continental Clothing t-shirts represent the pinnacle of sustainable fashion. Made from organic and ethically sourced materials, they prioritize environmental and social responsibility. With a focus on comfort and durability, Continental Clothing t-shirts offer both style and peace of mind, ensuring every purchase supports a healthier planet and fairer communities.

People wearing Gildan t-shirts, showcasing comfort and style, ideal for custom printing.

Gildan t-shirts are synonymous with reliability and affordability and are a staple choice for bands and promotional t-shirt uses. With a wide range of styles and colors, Gildan offers options for every occasion. Known for their durability and consistent quality, Gildan t-shirts are a go-to choice for those seeking budget-friendly basics without compromising on comfort or style.


Our wide selection of garments, combined with meticulous garment finishing and skilled embroidery services, perfectly complement your t-shirt printing requirements. We offer a comprehensive solution to breathe life into your custom apparel vision.

Discover unparalleled garment and t-shirt printing solutions at 3rd Rail, tailored to meet your specifications. Whether you favor screen printing or DTG, our experts are ready to guide you in selecting the perfect printing method. Dive into our extensive array of garment printing options for more details.

Experience superior embroidered garment services with 3rd Rail in London, your prime destination for exquisite embroidery. Our skilled craftsmanship extends across cozy hoodies to trendy headwear, infusing finesse into your style. Reach out to turn your vision into reality with our embroidery services.

Explore a comprehensive range of garment finishing services at 3rd Rail. From relabelling and inside neck printing to folding, bagging, and custom tagging, our meticulous attention to detail enhances your apparel. This commitment ensures your garments radiate quality and impeccable presentation.


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