How to start a T-shirt brand.

Tips to help your fashion label take-off and... Fly!
Tips to help your fashion label take-off and… Fly!

Having a successful T-shirt brand is the promised land that many of our customers aspire to, and there’s a huge number of factors to take into consideration when planning and developing the business plan for your very own label.

Getting word out to your potential consumers is a mammoth task in itself, but I’m not going to touch upon this aspect of the challenge here because that’s not really our field. What we at 3rd Rail do have an in-depth knowledge of however is the production side of this particular juggling act. We’ve printed for a huge number of fledgling brands over the years – and it’s always interesting to see the ones who make a real success of it, and the ones that don’t. What is it that makes some clothing labels take-off and fly and some nose-dive into the abyss? Keep reading and we hope to be able to offer up some clues to help you spread your wings and sail into blue yonder….

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