3rd Rail at Pick Me Up

3rd Rail Joins The Featured Collectives At Pick Me Up 2016

Pick Me Up, one of the biggest graphic arts festivals in the country will return to London’s historic Somerset House in April for its seventh incarnation. The exhibition promises to bring together the best new illustration, graphic design, typography and other related disciplines including print under one roof and for the first time 3rd Rail are going to be one of the featured studios at the event.

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Samuel B Thorne T-shirt

First Look At T-Shirt Competition Winner Samuel’s Design

You may remember us running a t-shirt competition back in November offering one lucky person the chance to have their 4 colour design screen printed as 25 tees. Almost 600 entries later our contest bot selected Samuel B. Thorne as the winner. He’s spent the last few months perfecting his design and it was screen printed last week week. We’re pretty impressed with what he’s come up with so decided to find out a little more about his drawing habits and existing t-shirt collection.

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10 most iconic t-shirts

Possibly The 10 Most Iconic T-shirts Ever

We’re not sure if there is a foolproof formula for creating the kind of iconic t-shirt that’s going to be relevant for several decades. Lindon Leader was quoted saying “I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is borne of those two things” and the same can certainly be said for this list of what we think are possibly the 10 most iconic t-shirts ever.

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