Martina Martian Pick Me Up

Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Martina Martian

20 year old Sydney based illustrator Martina Martian (real surname Calvi in case you were wondering) taught herself to embroider from Youtube videos. She’s applied her self professed ‘Saved By The Bell’ inspired style to everything from street art to enamel pins. We’re pretty excited to bring some of her work to this side of the world and her all-over t-shirts and vest dresses are available for pre order now. Here’s a little more about her.

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3rd Rail Viking by Tom J Newell

Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Tom J Newell

Multi talented Sheffield based illustrator Tom J Newell has applied his creativity to everything from murals and burger wrappers to DJing and curating the annual Tramlines gig poster show. He was one of the first artists to get involved with our Pick Me Up print series so we caught up with him briefly to get a better idea of his design process, inspiration and career highs.

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A Quick Look At One Of The Biggest T-shirt Blogs

Getting your t-shirts in front of a large and new audience of potential customers can be a real struggle, a popular tactic is to get your products featured on a relevant blog which already has an engaged following. One of the longest standing blogs dedicated specifically to t-shirts with a particular focus on independent retailers is We decided to find out a little more about how they’ve grown and the kind of content that they love to post.

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The Who, What, How, Why and When Of T-shirt Design For Screen Printing

This week we’re going back to basics with a run down of the 5 most important questions you should be asking yourself before going ahead with a garment screen printing order. Answering these should not only help get your amazing design in front the right audience but also contribute to a speedy printing process and best possible finished product.

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