Jump on the Cap Embroidery Trend

The classic sports cap dates back to the late 80’s with Ralph Lauren being the brand often held responsible for originating the trend. It spread into urban sub-cultures in the 90’s when it was adopted by the hip-hop community and has remained there ever since. A recent resurgence in streetwear trends from that era has seen a rise in its popularity once more.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been working with Space Age Wear on the re-launch of their embroidered cap collection. They’ve really made the most of the process and have managed to incorporate all the main embroidery styles into the range. If you’re still looking for inspiration these guys are an example of how to jump on the cap embroidery trend.


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Welcoming Urban Classics To Our List Of Blank Garment Suppliers

If you’ve browsed our garment page over the last few weeks you may have noticed the addition of a new blank garment brand. Based in Germany Urban Classics have been established for over 10 years in which time they’ve managed to create a collection spanning over 3000 items spread across men’s women’s and kids styles. Focusing mainly on streetwear cuts, outerwear and caps they’re the go to place if you’re looking for long tees, bomber jackets or snapbacks. To celebrate we’ve decided to list our top 5 styles from their catalogue and of course all are perfect for either screen printing or embroidery.


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