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3rd Rail Print Space Kickstarter

We’re really excited to announce the launch of 3rd Rail Print Space in January 2018, a brand new 4000sqft open access screen printing facility combining paper, t-shirt and fabric in the heart of Peckham. We’ve got all the equipment but need your help raising £10k to help with with funding the building work so we can turn a car park shell into a sparkling new Print hub.

What is 3rd Rail Print Space?

In short it will be London’s biggest open access screen printing studio. The facilities will be open to anyone interested in learning how to screen print as well as more experienced users combining brand new paper, fabric and t-shirt printing equipment. The aim is to build a comprehensive print hub and make screen printing accessible to a new audience whilst providing a wealth of equipment for those already working in the medium.

3rd Rail Studio

Why have we decided to launch it?

We really want to create a modern and inclusive space for anyone who loves printing, from complete beginners to professionals. By building this platform, we hope to support creatives in making a living out of their screen printed products. We are excited about the possibility of exchanging and sharing ideas with people who are just as passionate and curious as us.

What is Peckham Levels?

Located in the heart of South London Peckham Levels is a refurbished multi storey car park providing work space for independent creatives, small businesses and emerging artists. For the next 6 years they will be occupying the underused space inside the town centre car park, building a new creative workshop and cultural destination. 3rd Rail Print Space will be one of the new ventures joining Peckham Levels in January 2018.

Peckham Levels

Why are we running a Kickstarter?

After raising enough for rent and equipment we experienced a shortfall in trying to cover refurbishment works. As a small business trying to finance this project has been really challenging so we decided to run a Kickstarter to raise the additional £10,000 needed to fund the building services and maintenance jobs. 

What are the Kickstarter prizes?

Supporters can take advantage of discounted memberships, workshops, studio and desk space. There’s also the opportunity to grab something from a capsule collection of limited edition screen prints and t-shirts developed with some of our favourite artists and illustrators. All donations will also receive a ticket to the launch event where they’ll get to print their own tote bag.

If you’re interested in supporting 3rd Rail opening London’s biggest open access screen printing studio and connecting with talented people from local community, please follow the link below: