Designing t-shirts is a tricky business so in our quest to make it as easy for you as possible we’ve developed a couple of resources which should help speed up the process. From mock-up kits to templates we’ve tried to cover all the essentials however if there’s something else you think would be useful let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the site.


The 3rd Rail T-shirt Mockup Kit is ideal for creating a front and back visual of your t-shirt design. It’s a PSD file which means you will need Adobe Photoshop to open it and we’ve included instructions with the download but it’s so simple to use we doubt you’ll even need them. Once your mockup is complete save it as a JPEG or PNG file and email it over to us. As soon as we have it we’ll be able to accurately quote your order and send over an estimate.

download here 


Getting sizing and care information screen printed rather than ordering woven labels is both cheaper and has a faster turnaround, often the main thing which puts people off is the additional time and money it will take design the neck label. We’ve created 6 different templates to suit a range or brand styles. The files are supplied as a PNG so will be easily customisable across most image editing software. Simply delete the Logo and Web Address placeholder and paste in your own. More detailed instructions are included with the download should you need them.

download here


Cut and sew allows you to build your own t-shirt from scratch. Jersey sheets are printed instead of ready made garments giving you control of all aspects of the design so your finished garment can have a different design on the front, back and sleeves. The Cut and Sew Template comes in PSD format meaning you will need Adobe Photoshop to use it. Instructions are included in the download.

download here