This process involves old branded labels being professionally removed and replaced with your own personalised version. They can be woven or printed, stitched into the neckline or looped over them hem. You’re welcome to provide your own labels however we also work with a range of suppliers should you require us to source them for you.


There are several styles in which a label can be attached to the garment. Suitability is determined by the information included as well as the branding.

label v2


TAG REMOVAL. Not ready to take the leap into custom labels? Have branded tags removed and replaced with these basic ones.


SCREEN PRINT. Sometimes cheaper than neck labels this is a great way to get branding, sizing and care information onto your garment.


INSIDE NECK LABELS. The most popular choice these usually come as woven labels. See above for the various style options available.


PATCHES. Woven, embroidered, leather, rubber and screen printed. We can source and attach them for you on to garments and accessories. 


HEM // SLEEVE. Usually either woven, leather or screen printed they’re a more subtle option if patches are too invasive.


SWING TAGS. The icing on the cake. We can source them for you or provide your own and we’ll attach them to your garments.


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