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3rd Rail Print Space Kickstarter Q&A Series: Daisy Emerson

Multi-talented Daisy Emerson is an illustrator, sign writer, hand-letterer and type enthusiast from London.  An established hand-letterer has worked with some of the world’s leading companies and brands including Facebook, Google and Adidas. We had a chat with Daisy about the design she created for our Kickstarter campaign and her love of pastel colours.

Can you tell us about the piece you’ve created?

The piece I have created is the word ‘Believe’ illustrated onto an ombré background. A lot of the work I try to create always hopefully has a positive or aspirational word and ‘Believe’ I think is a lovely word whilst being strong, a word which everyone can hopefully relate to. As an artist it is so important to believe in what you do…I should really try and take that advice more often!

Did you have to modify your process because you were creating for a screen print?

I usually start with a pencil sketch which I will then refine using a black fine liner pen, I’ll then digitally manipulate the image to bring it to life with colour and shadow and then refine it slightly. I always like to keep the hand drawn element in my work so I don’t like to refine it too much!
Daisy Emerson

You have a very distinctive style, how did you develop it?

It did come quite organically for me but one of the main elements is the colour palette I work with, lots of pastel shades with gold and silvers and of course always lots of pink! I’m trying to work with more colours at the moment, including introducing darker colours to contrast with the pastel shades I usually gravitate towards.
I’ve been doing a few pieces onto marble at the moment which has been fun and I am currently working on lots of hand made signs which I have been making and preparing myself. I like to think I am developing each time I do a new piece, it’s good to develop a style and not necessarily stick to it all of the time.

You’ve worked on some really exciting projects, what’s been your favourite?

Wow there’s been lots of exciting projects it would be hard to pick one favourite, I was able to travel a lot last year with my work which was a great experience, particularly in the U.S. I was also asked by Adidas to create an animation of my sign painting which was really fun to do and I guess the private commissions are always really nice as they’re usually more personal. It’s really satisfying when someone asks you to create a piece of work inspired by a piece of personal work they have seen on your Instagram page.

Which 3 creative tools can’t you live without?

My sign writing paint brushes, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone of course!!

Any exciting projects lined up for 2018?

I just want to continue with lots more painting, creating more work and developing my style. Hopefully any other projects which come my way and are right for me, will just be a bonus! I’m looking forward to producing more screen prints in 2018.
Daisy Emerson’s print is available to order exclusively through our Kickstarter: