Trend Watch | All Over Prints: They think its all over prints…it is now

The humble t-shirt. A staple garment of any wardrobe, has recently undergone a colourful resurgence becoming a statement of vibrancy and provocation amongst the fashionable.

Maximum coverage is what immediately jumps to mind when looking at the recent all over print trend emerging amongst independent designers. Both literally, in terms of the size of the print as well as its captivation amongst influencers in music and fashion.

Citing religious and renaissance art references, the prints have hit the fashion forefront perpetuated through mainstream introductions of these themes by artists such as Kanye West.

A nod back to the more conventional mediums of art such as paintings in there respective eras has featured heavily, with Dolce and Gabbana’s use of tapestry doting cherubs and baroque prints as well as Givenchy’s now infamous print tees (See Below) which are highly coveted.


This has seen independent designers grab the paint brush of cool and wave electronic splatters of paint to create inspired tees bearing reference to these very religious and artistic notions (See Below). Similar in their aesthetics, including symmetrical images contributing to unusually strong and captivating imagery.


Though this trend of all over prints does not just extend to references harking back to the yester-year. As can be seen with Katie Eary’s bold signature prints emblazoned over t-shirts at the recent London Collections: Men (See Below). Tropical themes underly the basis of her prints usually mirrored symmetrically in nature.


The fashion frontiers have opened up to this emergence with numerous celebrity stylists adorning their clients with these designs. With Spring emerging, we shall most likely see this trend being courted by many more this year among the aspiring fashion savvy crowds.

/3rd Rail