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3rd Rail Print Space Kickstarter Q&A Series: Sam Taylor

We have asked some of our favourite artists to create t-shirts exclusively for the 3rd Rail Print Space Kickstarter. One of contributing illustrators is Sam Taylor who has worked with global brands including The New Yorker, Google and Nike. We caught up with him briefly to get a better idea of his design process, inspiration and career plans.

Can you tell us about the piece you’ve created?

Yeah OK. I’ve drawn a guy in normal office work wear who has a head full of ideas. I’ve got really into drawing intertwining wires, plants, worms and whatever else I can think of. It’s a sort of organised chaos that I like and I think represents my creative process. Also it just looks cool.

Did you have to modify your process because you were creating for a screen print?

A little bit yes. I don’t do screen print stuff that often so was very aware of the 5 colour limit. I usually use variations of a colour for shading and details but this time I had to use other colours from the scheme in order to maintain a level of excitement. It was fun to do and I’m really happy with this approach so will probably work like this a lot more out of choice from now on. There was a sort of liberation in the restriction because of the limited palette.

3rd Rail Print Space Kickstarter Q&A Series

You have a very distinctive style, how did you develop it?

Haha thanks. Basically I just draw all the time and try to improve little things constantly, sort of like marginal gains in the Tour De France. I have a little plan in my head, my influences are constantly changing and I’m always trying to make my work ‘more me’, it’s a never ending battle. If I look at work from a year ago I can really see the difference but it happens pretty slowly

You’ve worked on some really exciting projects, what’s been your favourite?

Off top I’d probably say these; the Google ‘We Wormin’ stickers, collaborating with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my work with Converse from a few years ago. I really enjoy every job or collaboration that I do and could write a really big list but those three were amazing. I couldn’t believe it when TMNT emailed me, haha.

Sam Taylor

Which 3 creative tools can’t you live without?

Pens/pencils – Rotring isograph 0.35mm and 800 0.5mm mechanical pencil.


The internet.

Any exciting projects lined up for 2018?

Yeah! I’ve got something very exciting coming out but I’ve signed an NDA and if I mention it I’ll get sued to death. But that’s exciting! haha. I’ve got a bunch of ideas for things I’d like to do, personal stuff, shows, products, but I don’t want to say unless I bottle it.


Sam Taylor’s ‘Wirehead’ t-shirt is available to order exclusively through our Kickstarter: