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3RXPG Week 4: Box Printing and Product Launch

For those who have missed our earlier blog posts we’ve been hard at work on a new collaborative project with The Pattern Guild. The aim was to use some of our most innovative in house printing and customisation techniques to create a limited edition t-shirt pack. The final stage of this process is the creation of the presentation box. Aside from giving the look and feel of a higher end limited edition product we also want to show in practice another element of the kind of screen printing based services we able to provide.

The beauty of custom made boxes is that you not only have complete creative control over the design but also that the size can be made to match that of the contents perfectly. There are of course many variations of portfolio boxes and after careful consideration we decided to go for the clam shell style. It’s a classic for a reason, it’s easily open to customisation while also being quite far removed from your standard box. After sourcing the card it’s die cut using a cutter made specifically for 3RXPG and is personalised with a matching screen printed sleeve.  All that’s left now is to fold it into shape and fill each box with a t-shirt and print. Available to purchase through our 3rd Rail Presents web store  once the contest finishes, we also wanted to give people a chance to win some of these sets. So what exactly is included?

The t-shirt: Two colour, water based print designed by The Pattern Guild. Each garment is made from screen printed fabric panels.

The print: 2 colour screen print on Southbank Smooth measuring 30cms x 24cms.

The box: Die cut archival board with 2 colour screen printed sleeve.

We’re extremely happy with the end result and can’t wait to see some photos of you wearing the t-shirt. If you post any on social media remember to use the hashtag #3RXPG and we’ll repost our favourites on our various feeds. Now the important part, how to win one of these t-shirt packs. We’re offering a chance everyday for 15 days starting tomorrow, that’s 15 opportunities to win! The COMPETITION LINK will go live on the blog tomorrow morning but there will be plenty of reminders on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook in case you forget. There are several ways to enter so feel free to use them all to increase your odds and the winners will be announced at the end of the contest. Wishing you all the best of luck!