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5 Ways to Set Your Streetwear Brand Apart from the Rest

You don’t need to be a fashion designer to create unique garments.

Thoroughly research your clothing options. It’s very easy to default to a standard t-shirt when the excitement of creating a collection takes over and you want everything released a soon as possible. Vanity Crew have given a simple hoodie logo print an edge by choosing a garment with unique hood laces. Between our 5 main wholesale suppliers there’s bound to be something that’s going to make the most of your design.

Screen printed hoodie and foiled dress
Both Vanity Crew and ASO Global have incorporated unique garment options into their collections.
Small additions make big impressions.

The details really do make a difference. Woven labels and swing tags are a great starting point and the perfect way to put a professional stamp on your brand. If those are too costly there are cheaper alternatives like getting your logo and sizing details screen printed inside the garments. Trapstar one of the UK’s biggest streetwear labels were known for experimenting with packaging and used to hand deliver their t-shirts in pizza boxes. Now we’re not saying you should rip them off but screen printed garment boxes are a great wrapping solution for special occasions or limited edition items.

Woven Labels and Screen printed t-shirt box 3rd rail
Some of the woven labels and swing tags that we’ve sourced for our customers (left). An example of the screen printed garment boxes we can provide (right).
The design isn’t everything but it’s pretty damn important.

You don’t need to be an illustrator to create an incredible streetwear collection. A well designed and versatile logo will go a long way, make the most of it by having it printed up in various colour combinations on different types of garments.  If you want to include an image based element but struggle with design why not collaborate with an illustrator who’s work you like to create limited edition items or capsule collections. It’s also a great way to get another creative to re interpret your brand.

Johnny Cupcakes and Rndmrs T-shirts
Global streetwear brand Johnny Cupcakes have worked with everyone from Hello Kitty to the Simpsons (left). A sneak peak of the new Rndmrs t-shirt – the majority of their designs are a result of collaborations with illustrators (right).
Your brand identity and philosophy is just as important as the clothes.

In today’s social media driven age it’s important to create a story around your label. Think about the people you want to see in your clothes and their lifestyle. A great way to communicate and sell this to your customers is through photography. It’s worth investing in a well thought out photoshoot with a loose narrative, the resulting images will not only be perfect material for a lookbook but will also compliment your standard product photos to convey a more complete brand identity. If you’re unsure about where to go for these services then drop us an email, we work with a handful of local photographers who we can refer you to for professional product shots.

Arcane lookbook photos
London based streetwear brand Arcane are a perfect example of how carefully curated photos can help sell your clothes.
Go for an unexpected finish.

All over, jumbo and sleeve prints are all interesting ways to incorporate your design onto a t-shirt. Think outside the box when considering ink colour options; metallic, neon, reflective, UV – the list goes on. But what if you don’t have a design? How about experimenting with the garment itself by adding custom sleeves, pockets or even panels, this is a great way to introduce an existing printed fabric or textile into an item of clothing.

Cut and Sew t-shirts by 3rd Rail
Both Follow and Cohala have used printed fabrics in their t-shirts for a unique finish.


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