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I Am A Creative Because…

Trying to make a living as an artist is a tough gig and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone working in the industry willing to tell you otherwise. But with the number of art and design students on the rise in the UK* there’s clearly something in it. We decided to ask some of the artists we’ve collaborated with recently to complete the following sentence: I am a creative because…

“… it’s the best way of life!” – Mr. Penfold

“… I succeeded in preserving my inner child.” – DXTR

“… its reet good fun!” – Alec Doherty

“… I have very little interest in sports” – Tom J. Newell


“… it’s challenging and it’s never boring.” – Felicity Marshall


“… I create things?” – Drew Millward


“… we suck at maths!!!” – Studio Muti


“… the world is dull without creativity. If you take away the music, design, art and drama of a city it becomes a dead place. I want to contribute, at least in some small way, to what makes the world sparkly and exciting.” – Martina Martian