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Peckham Levels Open Studios June 8th-10th 2018

Peckham Levels is offering a unique opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes at its member studios. Visit the likes of Kiln RoomsBright RoomsBrother Film CoGal-Dem and our own 3rd Rail Print Space. We invite you to join us as we host tote bag, paper and t-shirt printing drop in sessions through out the day. You will also have the chance to see what our members have been working on since we opened in January. You’ll be able to take part in live paper printing, paper cut screen printing, screen print you’re own Gal-dem t-shirt and make a cyanotype. We will be hosting workshops with artists Hello Ditto and Alex Poyner.



Hello Ditto


Emma Cooke, Hello Ditto

Emma started screen printing after completing one of our Intermediate Paper Printing courses. Inspired by the process she set up design brand Hello Ditto. Emma is the founder of Stem Design, a London based creative agency specialising in print and digital graphic design and art direction, primarily for the cultural sector. From working on large scale projects with iconic arts venues, brand identities for corporate bodies, through to designing cover art and promotional material for independent record labels and event promoters Stem Design has over 15 years experience producing engaging, effective visual communication. Emma will be live printing vintage postcards throughout Friday evening.





Gal-dem is a magazine (online and in print) and creative collective comprised of over 70 women and non-binary people of colour which launched in September 2015. Gal-dem provides a space for women of colour to not only discuss the issues they face as a result of their race or cultural differences but also the art they create, their political views and showcase their broad spectrum of talents and interests. On Saturday you’ll have the chance to print your own limited edition Gal-dem t-shirt designed by Gal-dem art director, Leyla Reynolds.


Alex Poyner


Alex Poyner

Alex Poyner currently works as a Print designer for 3rd Rail Print Space Member, Fairbairn & Wolf Studio. Alex has a hands on experimental approach to design, constantly investigating new ways to achieve alternative prints. Along side designing prints for fashion Alex uses screen-print methods to create seascape artworks and also likes too delve into other creative practices like silver smithing. Alex will be hosting a seascapes tea towel printing workshop throughout Sunday.

Open-Studios Print Space
Full open studio time schedule still to be announced..

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