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Pick Me Up Q&A Series: Mr. Penfold

Bristol based street artist and illustrator Mr. Penfold started learning how to use a spray can aged 12 and cites airbrushing, skate graphics and his parents collection of abstract art as some of his major influences. He was one of the first artists we approached about a Pick Me Up collaboration and have been busy developing a sweatshirt, tote bag, 10 colour t-shirt. We’ll also be releasing a variable screen print edition in which each background was individually hand painted. Read on for more info as well as details about how to pre order some of the pieces ahead of the launch on Thursday.

Mr Penfold Sweatshirt for Pick Me Up
6 colour sweatshirt designed by Mr. Penfold for our exhibition space at Pick Me Up London.
How would you describe your style?

Abstract minimalism with influences from graffiti and skateboard graphics.


Tell us a bit about how you developed your aesthetic?

Over the years my development has come from adding new shapes and rules of composition to my work. recently I’ve become more interested in stripping the shapes back and focusing on the relationships between all the elements.

Mr Penfold tote bag
5 colour tote bag designed by Mr. Penfold for Pick Me Up.


What’s your first weapon of choice when creating new work?

All I ever need is a brush, acrylic and an edding marker!


How different was the design process for your Pick Me Up print/t-shirt knowing that the final image would be interpreted as a screen print?

Well my background is in screen printing so even with my paintings I make them the same way you’d make a print. I work in layers and use masks just like you would a stencil with a screenprint.

Mr Penfold screen print for Pick Me Up.
A sneak peek of the variable edition we’ll be releasing with Mr. Penfold. Each background was hand painted before being printed.
You’ve had the opportunity to work on some really exciting projects, has anything made you consider a complete career change?

I’ve never wanted to do anything else!

And what’s been a highlight?

I’ve never wanted to do anything else! being able to paint everyday and travel will always be the highlight.

3rd Rail x Mr. Penfold T-shirt
A sneak peek of the 10 colour 3rd Rail x Mr. Penfold t-shirt we’ll be selling at Pick Me Up. It will be available from our web store soon.


The 3rd Rail x Mr. Penfold Sweatshirt and Tote Bag are available to pre order now from