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What Are Screen Printing Minimums and Why Do They Exist?

We love working with small independent fashion labels and individuals as much as global brands which is why we offer much lower minimums than many of our competitors. If you’re new to world of garment printing you may wonder why we have them in place so below are the 3 most frequently asked questions about screen printing minimums.

What’s the minimum number of t-shirts I can order for screen printing?

That depends on the process and number of colours. At the moment if you’re just having one colour screen printed it’s 12 however any more than that and it goes up to 25. If you would like to take advantage of our cut and sew service we recommend that you order at least 100 garments to make it cost effect.

 t-shirt screen printing minimuns

So I can’t order just one t-shirt?

We do provide a sampling service through which you can get up to 3 garments however the nature of screen printing is such that the set up for a run of 1 is virtually the same as a run of 500 t-shirts. This we still have to charge the same screen set up fees as we would for larger orders so you could end up paying around £60 for a 1 colour t-shirt.


Why do some places offer single garment printing at a much lower cost?

Those places are using a different technique to apply the design called Direct To Garment or DTG. In this process garments a put through a modified inkjet printer one by one hence the cheaper price point. Though this method is great if you just want a few garments however the inks used are not as wash fast as those used for screen printing and the garment selection is a lot more limited. Ultimately if you want retail quality garments screen printing is your best option.

DTG printing


If you have a design ready to go or would just like to discuss your options please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!