Trend Watch | Street Wear vs High Fashion: Subverting Designer Brands

Having gained rapid popularity recently, these pastiche designs subverting the names of high-fashion labels have created somewhat of a craze. The rebellious toungue-in-chic slogan t-shirts; akin to something you would usually find in a market in Thailand, has suddenly started trending; even amongst fashions most influential.

Spotted on supermodels, celebrities and musicians it has become the latest thing for the coolest to adorn – even if they could probably afford the designer label itself. K-Pop superstar G-Dragon from Big Bang has also sported his own version called ‘Giyongchy’ causing a whirlwind in the far east. The playful twist offers a refreshing step away from the usual designer-clad fashion fodder and you can be sure to see more Lichtenberg-esque designs spring up for a while yet.

/3rd Rail