Trend Watch | All Over Prints: They think its all over prints…it is now

The humble t-shirt. A staple garment of any wardrobe, has recently undergone a colourful resurgence becoming a statement of vibrancy and provocation amongst the fashionable.

Maximum coverage is what immediately jumps to mind when looking at the recent all over print trend emerging amongst independent designers. Both literally, in terms of the size of the print as well as its captivation amongst influencers in music and fashion.


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Totally Doomed

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This is a design we printed for Totally Doomed, a shop recently opened in Manchester.

Totally Doomed is the hideous lovechild of Kelii and Giz from Manchester-based punk rock band Obsessive Compulsive…. The flagship shop opened in the legendary alternative emporium AFFLECKS on Church street in Manchester’s hip Northern Quarter on February 13th 2012. “We just wanted to invent a shop which represented our personal sense of DIY/alt/punk style, even the alternative scene, in both music and fashion, has become homogenised over recent years, with an ever more blurred line between mainstream and subcultures. We remember how we felt wandering around Afflecks in our teens, finding amazing items of clothing we hadn’t seen anywhere else, feeling part of an underground, leftfield culture, we held onto that ideal and decided to contact some of our uber talented friends to get involved in making our dream a reality.”


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