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How To Get Your Order Screen Printed Faster

You’ve come up with a great design and are itching to see it printed all over a fresh t-shirt but suddenly there’s all these other things getting in the way like deciding how many garments you want and realising that your artwork is not high res enough. Before you know it a month has passed and you’re still waiting to get printing, don’t worry we’ve all been there. Luckily there’s a couple of really important things you can do to make sure that you get to see your finished garment in the flesh as soon as possible.

Prepare Your Artwork

We can process your order considerably faster if you supply a high res design in the correct format. In order to guarantee a good print quality we’ll need the images to be at least 300dpi. If you’re not sure what dpi your artwork is then don’t worry, it can be easily checked on Photoshop (see image below). You’ll also have to have it saved in the correct file format. We accept several types and vector files are preferable as there’s no loss of quality with re sizing but Photoshop (PSD), Illustrator (AI), JPEG and TIFF will all do.

Get The Artwork Sizing Right

How big do you want the design to be on your garment? As a rough guideline a standard size is 36cms x 54cms but we can print anything from a discreet sleeve logo to all over and cut and sew t-shirts. There’s a lot of variety out there but be aware that a design which looks great on an XS t-shirt might not work so well on an XXL. When you send an image file through we’ll be looking at the design size and not the canvas size as guideline. If you’re still unsure about artwork sizing there’s quite a bit of info about it on our website.

Choose Your T-shirts (or tote bags or leggings etc)

There are a thousand garment options out there with prices varying depending on the brand, fabric type, weight and style. Don’t worry we’ll order the t-shirts in for you and if you want to supply your own garments that’s perfectly fine too but we recommend that you have a look at the choices that are available. Some of the most popular blank garment wholesalers include Continental, Gildan, Stanley & Stella, American Apparel and Bella + Canvas. And if you want a two colour print on an acid wash denim jacket we’ll happily process that for you too but it’s definitely worth doing some research in advance to see where they’re available from.

Work Out How Many Garments You Want

Figuring out your quantity is another sure fire way to get a quick quote. Our minimum order size is 12 for single and 25 for multiple colours, this is so we can cover all the printing costs our end but quantities above that are more than welcome. Do bear in mind that an order of 2000 is going to take longer to print than one of 50 if you need a fast turnaround time. Also consider what sizing ratios you need, i.e. how many smalls, mediums etc.