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Make the Most of Cut and Sew

We launched our unique cut and sew service earlier this autumn as an extension of the customisation options we already provide. We wanted to be able to deliver a complete garment printing service to our customers that didn’t limit their creativity or ideas. Here are some tips on how to make the most of it.


Get familiar with the process. Our cut and sew service essentially allows you to build a t-shirt from scratch. Like anything understanding how this it works will ensure that you can really exploit its potential. We’ve created a dedicated Cut and Sew page on our website with everything you need to know from sizing information to close ups of the finish, there’s even a video showing the whole process from sheet of fabric to finished garment.

Cut and sew details
Close ups of the finish on our cut and sew t-shirts including ribbing and herringbone tape on the neck, shoulder stitching and the hem.


Let go of limitations. The beauty of cut and sew is that you don’t have to be constrained by the usual restrictions which arise from printing on ready made garments. When designing experiment with varying prints between the front, back and sleeve panels. And if you’re going for a repeat pattern like the 3RXPG t-shirt incorporate the white or black of the base jersey into the final design as an additional colour. Unlike all overs cut and sew is great for multiple colours and since we print everything in panels on a carousel perfect registration is very easy to achieve.

4 colour screen print for cut and sew
A 4 colour screen print for our latest cut and sew project.


Get the placement right. So you’ve got your design down, the resolution is high enough (at least 300dpi) but before you hand over any cash you want to see what your t-shirt is going to look like – we get it and we’ve got you covered. The artworking brains at 3rd Rail HQ have created a Photoshop template, use this to place your design into the various panels and see exactly what the finished garment is going to look like. To request one email

cut and sew t-shirt template
The cut and sew digital template being used to design the 3RXPG t-shirt.