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Custom Printed T-shirt Boxes

At 3rd Rail we’re dedicated to delivering a complete garment screen printing service. Between providing a full range of print placement options and our customisation and cut and sew service we feel like we have a pretty comprehensive list of bases covered.

What you may not have been aware of is that we recently developed boxes which are the perfect size for folded t-shirts and other garments and are fully customisable with your own design or logo. Packaging is an excellent way of re-affirming your brand identity and putting a unique stamp on your range. Here are examples of ways that we can help you do that with your printed garments.

The Plastic Sleeve

There is no reason why you can’t personalise this cost effective option if your budget doesn’t allow for a t-shirt box. You could for example get postcards printed up to place inside each sleeve. Fashion label Motel uses these as an opportunity to offer discounts to existing customers which of course encourages further sales.

T-shirts in Plastic Sleeves
Iconic British brand Gloverall used plastic sleeves to package the t-shirts from their new collaborative range with artist Danielle Hodson which were printed here at 3rd Rail.
The Plain Box

Plain doesn’t mean boring, we currently supply box card in 3 different colours and they can absolutely speak for themselves. However if you’ve managed to source some interesting stock there’s no reason why we can’t look into having it die cut and made into boxes for you.

T-shirt box and card colours
Our plain clam shell t-shirt box (left) and the three base colours it is currently available in (right).
The Logo Print Box

Packaging conveys product attributes to potential buyers so if you have a strong logo that reflects your brand ethos this is the way to go. As long as it is distinctive it will have a positive effect on the overall appeal of your product. Take it a step further by having a message printed on the inside of the lid or base.

screen printed logo box
Though not for garments the simple Graze box is a perfect example of how this format can be extremely successful (left). The logo box we used to package our collaborative project with The Pattern Guild (right).
The All Over Print Box

People want to see a fully developed product and your packaging should be designed with your target audience in mind so if your garments fall into the higher end clothing market the bespoke all over box print is definitely the best option. Here’s an example of one we designed and printed using the 3rd Rail logo.

Printed t-shirt boxes
Packaging and design company Stranger and Stranger used an intricate single colour typographic design to really pack a punch with their t-shirt box (left). The 3rd Rail t-shirt box is a 4 colour screen print (right).
The Box Sleeve

Sleeves are great because of the freedom they provide in terms of the type of paper (or other materials) that can be used to make them. Maybe you’ve already found some ready made patterned paper that communicates your brand identity. If you’ve worked with an illustrator on a t-shirt design get a smaller version of the image screen printed on the sleeve and it can double up as an art print.

Screen Printed t-shirt Box Sleeve

These of course are just a few suggestions on how you can make the most of our packaging solutions, there’s probably a whole load of options that we haven’t even thought of yet so if you’re feeling inspired but not quite sure if your idea would be feasible get in touch via and we’ll do our best to make it work.