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Top 5 AW15 T-Shirt Trends

Fashion month kicked off officially last Friday with New York Fashion Week.The biggest names in the industry set to descend on the capital next Friday dressed in all their (sometimes questionable) finery. In honour of LFW we decided to look at the top menswear trends for AW15 and some of the designers that influenced them with a particular focus on t-shirts because as much as we love high fashion ultimately what most people look for are clothes that are a good balance of style and wearability.

New Goth

Spotted on the catwalks of Lou Dalton and Maharishi back at LCM AW15 goth this season doesn’t mean studded chokers and black eyeliner. Instead it’s a layering of different shades, prints and textures of black that result in a sophisticated aesthetic with a moody edge.


Statements and Slogans

Who are you and what are you about? This season it’s all about wearing your heart on your sleeve (or chest?). Moschino and Alexander McQueen both featured interesting slogan placements in their AW15 collections and the high street has responded with an array of variations. Stand out from the crowd and print your own to make sure that your message is truly unique.


Modern Utility

Khaki and moss green were some of the key colours of AW15. Modern utility embraces this palette and teams it with denim and army jackets. Don’t worry, camo is not making a comeback! But it’s definitely time to hit the vintage shops to see what what kind of military inspired clothing you can unearth.


Casual Tailoring

Tiger of Sweden are responsible for this trend by mixing their signature suits with hoodies. But it could also mean wearing a t-shirt with suit trousers or a structured coat. Basically this one is all about breaking down the barriers of conventional dressing habits.


Playful Pop Art

Drawing inspiration from primary palettes, children’s toys and modern pop art this trend is a perfect way to inject some colour into what can otherwise be a very muted season. Mix and match all the boldest colours in your wardrobe and throw in some graphic prints for good measure.