What Are Screen Printing Minimums and Why Do They Exist?

We love working with small independent fashion labels and individuals as much as global brands which is why we offer much lower minimums than many of our competitors. If you’re new to world of garment printing you may wonder why we have them in place so below are the 3 most frequently asked questions about screen printing minimums.


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Everything You Need To Know About T-Shirt Mock-Ups


It’s basically a customisable representation of a products visual appearance. Often it will hint at how the item will be used and it also makes it easy for a customer to grasp in a second what it would be like to own your product – in this case a t-shirt. In essence it’s a way of showing your product in a realistic setting so people can get a clear idea of what it would look like in real life.


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T-Shirt Vocabulary – 15 Terms You Need To Know

Trying to make sense of textile industry lingo can often feel like a minefield but equally staying informed is key in helping you make the right decision based on your customer and design needs when choosing blank garments for screen printing. That’s why we’ve created this handy glossary of what we think are the top 15 t-shirt terms you need to know.


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Our Top 5 Styles For Summer

Summer is officially here as of yesterday which means the perfect time to start rolling out those final SS16 lines. We’ve had a look at some of the new blank garment styles launched by our suppliers and picked out or favourites.  We would love to screen print on some of these so if you like them as much as we do get in touch and we’ll happily put a quote together.


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What Is An Ethical Garment?

The collapse of Rana Plaza – the 8 storey garment garment factory in Bangladesh which killed 1,134 and injured hundreds two years ago contributed to a shift in attitude towards and awareness of ethical clothing production practices. More often than not it’s small businesses and independent brands who are leading the way in the creation and retail of sustainable fashion but what exactly does this involve? In order for clothing manufacturers to be classed as ethical they need to consider the following:


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A Q&A With New Label Courant

Successfully getting a new clothing label off the ground takes a lot of work. Over the past few months we’ve been helping Franck, creator of Courant get his range of t-shirts screen printed. We thought the designs were really original so decided to find out a little more about them and how he plans to progress his brand.


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The Benefits of Sampling

There’s nothing worse than forking out a chunk of your savings on a new run of t-shirts only to receive them and wish that you’d made the artwork a little bit bigger or the colour a tiny bit darker. Digital mockups are great but nothing beats a physical sample of your potential garment. Still need convincing? Here’s our top 5 reasons why sampling rules.


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I Am A Creative Because…

Trying to make a living as an artist is a tough gig and you’d be hard pressed to find anyone working in the industry willing to tell you otherwise. But with the number of art and design students on the rise in the UK* there’s clearly something in it. We decided to ask some of the artists we’ve collaborated with recently to complete the following sentence: I am a creative because…


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3rd Rail at Pick Me Up in Pictures

Pick Me up closed its doors last week after welcoming over 17,000 visitors. We loved meeting everyone who stopped by our space and for all those who didn’t manage to catch the show here are a couple of photos taken over the course of the exhibition.

Most of the remaining editions can now be purchased from our web store with the full range available this Friday. To shop the prints, t-shirts, sweats and tote bags please head over to www.3rdrailpresents.co.uk/shop and our Pick Me Up Q&A series will continue over on the 3rd Rail Presents blog from next week if you’d like to more info on the artists we worked with. 


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